Sonatina for oboe and piano

by Ivar Lunde, Jr.

 Written in 1970 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, as an unpretentious recital piece for the composer or his students, the work is very approachable for all types of audiences. The language is basically tonal throughout with an occasional tone cluster in the piano and, to borrow a phrase from Walter Piston, "without formal complexity". This should not suggest that the work is easy to perform. The upward range of the oboe part alone reaches the F sharp above the staff and the pianist needs nimble fingers, particularly in the third movement. The story is that the last movement was written while watching a Western movie on Television!

 The Sonatina has received several performances both in the US and Europe by well-known artists. The composer is particularly pleased with an early interpretation by the Norwegian oboist Brynjar Hoff broadcast over the network stations of the Norwegian Broadcasting System (NRK).

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