Reflections for alto saxophone and piano

by Ivar Lunde, Jr.

Reflections was composed during the fall of 1988 at the request of the local chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, a men's music fraternity.

Composed in one movement, there are two sections with a return to the opening material at the very end. The main body of the work explores rhythmic complexities which are influenced by jazz. The second part, however, is structurally much simpler in design and tonal language influenced by minimalism.

Reflections was conceived as a chamber work featuring the alto saxophone and the double bass accompanied by a brass ensemble, piano, and two percussionists. The saxophone has retained its importance in the version with piano where the piano score has absorbed all of the parts of the ensemble parts and the double bass. The tonal language is free throughout the entire work.

Reflections does not really have an end - it merely continues in the mind of the listener.

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