for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

by Ivar Lunde, Jr.

The Trio is one of several such works written for two oboes and English horn later to be arranged for other combinations of instruments. This work was completely rewritten in 1988 and the version for oboe, clarinet and bassoon received its first performance in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, by the American Reed Trio shortly thereafter. The American Reed Trio, Richard Killmer (oboe), Frank Ell (clarinet) and John Miller (bassoon), also included the Trio on their 1990 concert tour of Norway where it received excellent reviews.

The composition style is free tonal and easy to appreciate.


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The Trio has been recorded by members of the Wisconsin Woodwind Quintet on the HEMERA label, HCD 2930, and is distributed internationally in by Musikkoperatørene AS, Norway <>. The CD is also available from Skyline Publications/Skyline Studios for $14.99 plus shipping.