Three Signs of the Zodiac
for woodwind quintet

by Ivar Lunde, Jr.

Three Signs of the Zodiac was composed during the fall of 1989 to celebrate the reestablishment of the Faculty Woodwind Quintet at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Composed in three movements, each describes symbols of the Zodiac. Leo is the sign of the first movement where the opening statement can resemble a lion's roar. Both outer movements explore different rhythms and rhythmic complexities which manifest themselves through much vitality and movement in the individual parts. The middle movement, however, is structurally much simpler in design and tonal language. Instruments are often paired as twins in the spirit of Gemini. The bassoon and horn have been given much of the melodically important material. The intensity and force of the last movement caused by the repeated Latin-inspired rhythmic material evokes the imagery of the bull, Taurus.

The tonal language is free throughout the entire work.

The Three Signs of the Zodiac has been recorded by the Wisconsin Woodwind Quintet on the HEMERA label, HCD 2930, and is distributed internationally by Musikkoperatørene AS. <>.
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