Partita in D minor

for harpsichord

by Johann Sebastian Bach

transcribed by Nanette G. Lunde

Transcribing works from one instrument to another was a common practice in the Baroque era; J. S. Bach transcribed his Sonata in D Minor for unaccompanied violin for the harpsichord, transposing it to A minor. He also transcribed the first movement of his Sonata in C Major, transposing it to G major. In his keyboard versions, we find added harmonies and the realization of the implied counterpoint found in the violin scores. In each case Bach lowered the original key by the interval of the fourth to use the middle and lower registers of the harpsichord to greatest advantage.

In this transcription of the Partita in A Minor for unaccompanied flute of J. S. Bach, the key has been lowered to D minor and the techniques set forth by Bach in his own keyboard transcriptions of his violin works have been followed as nearly as possible. As was customary in Bach's day, improvised embellishments have been provided in a Double to the Sarabande.


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