Psilocybin for clarinet, bassoon and piano

by Ivar Lunde,Jr.

"I find it most interesting to explore the encyclopedia for exciting and exotic words, words which inspire and create suggestions for musical compositions. During a recent expedition into the world of just such a book I discovered Psilocybin - a hallucinatory drug made from a Mexican mushroom. How exciting, I thought, a perfect title for my project in which tranquility and a sometimes introvert idea blossoms into an extrovert, explosive and suggestive display of careless joyfulness."

"After working with the first two parts of Psilocybin I discovered that I was beginning to use an octatonic scale pattern. This totally unexpected turn of events was allowed to rule all melodic material in the second half - it is as if the pitch material goes though a metamorphosis throughout the course of the piece. It is as if it was meant to be!" -- Ivar Lunde, Jr.

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You may hear the transition from the first part to the second part by selecting the headphone image above.