Sonata in One Movement for alto saxophone and piano

by Ivar Lunde, Jr.

The Sonata contains four subsections, arranged in a slow-fast-slow-fast pattern. Its form is free, almost rhapsodic, and not at all confined to the norms of the "sonata form". The work literally regurgitates the two main themes through a constant metamorphosis throughout the entire composition. No particular tonal center is favored, and the ending in the key of B flat is rather unexpected. The typical free-tonal language of the composer is prominent throughout the work which opens with an explosive outburst in both instruments. The one main thematic motif, four chromatic pitch classes displaced by the octave, appears at the very beginning in the piano.

 The original version of this Sonata was completed on November 30, 1973. A major revision was undertaken in June of 1995.

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