Songs of Love for mixed choir (SATB)

by Ivar Lunde, Jr.

Text: Paul L. Gomory

The poems are the sole inspiration for the composition and are as beautiful as they are profound.

Paul L. Gomory was a longtime dabbler in writing poetry about just about anything he fancied: Family, human relationships, politics and matters that relate to the preservation of the United States as envisioned by the founding fathers and declared in the United States Constitution were but some of of his favorite subjects.

Mr. Gomory, a retired attorney specializing in patent law and a longtime resident of Washington D.C. passed away December 22, 2003.

The tempo indications are mere suggestions and may be adjusted to suit the text. The keyboard part is provided for rehearsal use only.


Select the headphone image above to hear the beginning of Two Birds, the first song in this collection of love songs.

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