What's the Fuss? for mixed choir (SATB)

by Ivar Lunde, Jr.


What's the fuss? was written as a spontaneous reaction to the word burritos which appeared one night to the composer in a dream. The word burritos, besides identifying a tasty Mexican dish, has a rhythm and sound (in Spanish) which fascinates and provides the basic text material for the beginning and ending of the work.

An old recipe serves as the main body of the text. The combination of the text and music provides a humorous, tongue-in-cheek setting for the recipe. The solo flute and double bass augment the somewhat loose style and the special timbral effects provided by these instruments are shared by the vocal lines. The r-sound must be performed with a rolling quality throughout.

The tempo is suggested to be set at m.m. quarter note = 96, but it should be interpreted freely. Some parts may be performed at a faster or slower tempo depending upon what the text and music seem to suggest. The keyboard part is provided for rehearsal use only.

What's the fuss? received First Prize in the La Crosse Chamber Chorale 1996 Choral Composition Contest, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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