Reflective Episodes
for symphony orchestra

by Ivar Lunde, Jr., Opus 108

Commissioned by the Chippewa Valley Symphony, Reflective Episodes is a descriptive work in four parts written in observance of Wisconsin's sesquicentennial in 1998. The piece itself was designed to reflect some of the environments found in the state of Wisconsin; it is sometimes in the abstract and sometimes not.

The opening of the work describes a beautiful morning at a still lake, where fog is rising a bit, and you can imagine hearing loons in the background and everything is so peaceful and life is coming into being. Later sections feature rapid dance-like parts and sounds depicting violent weather. Taped sounds of Native American singing and drumming provide a transition from the third to the fourth section. The piece ends on a boisterous note: the fourth section ends with a barn dance.

Slides from around the state of Wisconsin were featured at the first performance of the work in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, May 9, 1998.

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