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Alienor Preludes - Works by
Rudy Davenport
Thomas Donahue
Pablo Escande
Edward Gerber
Andrew Gustar
Kent Holliday
Janine Johnson
Rachel Laurin
Ronald McKean
Philip Underwood

Works for harpsichord:
Works for strings:

Insectum Communis
for Harpsichord by
Ivar Lunde, Jr.

Sonatina II for Harpsichord by Asako Hirabayashi

Fantasy for Double Bass and Piano by Allan Segall

Sonata for Harpsichord (1781) by Charles Wesley, Jr.
Complete facsimile of the manuscript, newly realized
score and performance notes by Larry Palmer
Works for voice:
Works for woodwinds:
Clouds for B-flat Clarinet
and Piano by Ivar Lunde Jr.
Nocturne for Oboe and Piano by Allan J. Segall

Shards of Glass for Flute Solo by Allan J. Segall

Transformations for Woodwind Quintet by Ivar Lunde Jr.

Two Poems for soprano voice, oboe and piano by Ivar Lunde Jr.

Pomp and Circumstance by Elgar (Hodapp/Lunde)

Concerto for Bassoon and Piano by George Longazo

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Keyboard Melodies, 2nd Edition, by Nanette Lunde and Donald Patterson

Continuo Companion, 2nd Edition by Nanette Lunde

Letters from Salzburg,
A Music Student in Europe, 1958-1959
by Larry Palmer